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Awesome marketing tools for people who don't know a thing about marketing.


If you run a small business, need a website and social media, and are after more customers, you'll want to get started today. Oh, and it's free to use forever.








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The Right Stuff.

With Bounce House, your small business will get everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to make you look awesome online and start collecting customers.



Give us your name and industry, and we’ll give you a site. For free. In less than 30 seconds. No coding required. Really? Really.


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and beyond, we help you design and plan smart posts that attract new customers to your business.



Collect and keep track of every new customer who wants to get in touch with you. Like a personal assistant, but we can’t grab you coffee (yet.)



No charts, no graphs. Just a fun feed that shows when potential customers open your posts, visit your site, and request your services.



A weekly plan, advanced scheduling, clear next steps. We made marketing your business fun. Ever get “what do I do next” syndrome? Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through.


Jump In.

Look, you’re a small business owner, not a marketer. So, stop using tools built for professional marketers. Jump in with Bounce House today and start having more fun growing your business.

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Who Needs Bounce House?

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner? Maybe a fitness trainer, an accountant, a test prep tutor, a wedding photographer? Whatever your business, your time is best spent delivering an awesome service, not struggling to find your next customers.

Why Use Bounce House?

  • You want a great website and social media
  • You want to find new customers
  • You don’t really have coding or design skills
  • You want step-by-step guidance
  • You like things that are free to use forever

Launch Today, Grow Tomorrow.

Start Here

Add your name and industry, and boom! You have a live website with all the pages you need. It's pretty incredible. You can customize it from there - drag in new pics, change copy, make it your own. No code required and no way to mess up the design.

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Share Everywhere

We make social media so easy, it's almost unfair. With pre-populated templates designed to attract your type of customers, you don't need to be social savvy to be successful on those channels.




Get There.

Where’s there? Well, There is a magical place with a feed full of potential customers engaging with your content, visiting your site, and requesting your service. There is a beautiful part of the world this time of year…and every time of year. Let’s go there.

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