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Giving small business owners time to do what they enjoy.


Bounce House is a team dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses get online quick and easily, without cumbersome software.


Our Story

We are a small team of product designers, engineers, and marketers who have been building software for more than a decade.


Our Experience

Through years of overwhelming web design, expensive or cumbersome tools, and never being able to post to social media regularly - the idea for Bounce House was born! 

Our Method


We researched and spoke to hundreds of people on why they don't do marketing, what they wish they could do more of, and what’s stopping them. We then developed a tool that helps new business set up online, fast and easy.

Our Mission

We know that small businesses want to meet their customers where they are, and today that is online.


Our Goal

We want to provide an easy, all-in-one tool that allows you, as a small business, to get an online presence that’s tailored to your business quickly. 

Your Goal


The more you market yourself, the more people will come to your site. The more people who come to your site, the more interested customers will request to work with you. When you have customers, we’ve met our mission.

Our Values

Marketing is simple, and we don't think confusing software should get in your way. Here's how Bounce House differs:



Bounce House was built to be easy. No overwhelming choices or confusing charts and graphs, just easy.



We've built hundreds of websites and took the common denominator to launch a website builder requiring minimal effort.



We want to shine light on service based professionals, where you and your time is the business.



We will continue to keep improving and expanding our offering with your valuable feedback.



Others tools are expensive or have secret add-ons. We keep costs low and only increase based on need.



We are a small business that has had our own challenges. But the best marketing is sharing what you know.