Bounce House vs. Acuity: Which Is Best For Business?

Carolyn Canetti
Mar 26, 2021 11:09:00 AM

As you set your business up online for bookings and payments, you will come across many options for websites and schedulers, payment processors, and a mix of this and that. The most popular tools: Calendly, Acuity, Doodle, and more. Acuity, which is now also known as Squarespace Scheduler, is an add-on of the Squarespace website builder. For businesses with a Squarespace site, it may seem reasonable to use Acuity, but, there are easier and more affordable options - say hi to Bounce House


Bounce House takes the complicated set up and optionality of Acuity scheduling and payments and makes it streamlined and focused, with a more intuitive set up and simple, clean design. With a comparable feature set, deciding to use one or the other will come down to price and usability. 


Let's see how Acuity and Bounce House compare to each other: 



Price: For businesses who host a site on Squarespace, the cost to include Squarespace Scheduler/Acuity is an additional cost. Squarespace site plans go from: $12, $18, $26, to $40/month, and then the scheduler add-on is an additional $14, $24, or $45/month more. Quickly, that adds up. To be fair, Squarespace is insanely robust in features, which also makes it cumbersome and complicated to use. With Bounce House, you can get a simple website and set up pages for online scheduling and booking in under 15 minutes. Bounce House starts with a 30 day free trial, with the Basic plan starting at $9.99/month. See the full pricing breakdown. Bounce House also offers a referral program for businesses to get a free $10 credit with every additional business that signs up. 


Accepting Payments: Acuity and Bounce House accept payments. Acuity accepts payments through Stripe, Square or PayPal, whereas Bounce House accepts payments through Stripe. Learn about payments.


1-Off Charges: Both Acuity and Bounce House allow for businesses to save credit cards to charge customers later. 


Recurring 1:1 Events: Bounce House and Acuity scheduling both allow for setting up ongoing meetings with customers.  


Group Classes: Bounce House and Acuity support bookings for group classes. Set the price, location, duration, any virtual link, as well as description and images to entice customers to attend a class. Customers will be charged automatically upon bookings, and Bounce House will send automated reminders, receipts and updates to customers. 


Calendar: Bounce House has an entire calendar view so that businesses can invite customers directly to recurring events, with payments automated, as well as manage a daily work schedule and adjust available hours as needed. Learn about calendar.


Customer Management: Bounce House and Acuity have a thoughtful customer management tool, making it easy to view customer information, contact details, and check in on booking and payment history. Read more about customers


Automated Mailers to Attendees: Both Acuity and Bounce House offer easy ways to send out automated confirmation and reminder emails leading up to a booked event. Bounce House sends messages automatically, alleviating businesses of the need to write or design an email template, sending attendees of upcoming events confirmation, reminders and receipts. View automated mailers that go out before and after a booked event. 


Support: Customers of Acuity have access to Help articles and can sign up to attend a monthly live webinar. Customers of Bounce House can get help through Video Call, Email, Chat, and Help Center.


1:1 Training: Bounce House offers 1:1 video calls to onboard their customers. Schedule a set up call today!


Integrations: Both Acuity and Bounce House are rich in integrations. Acuity has a lot of options: Google, Zoom, iCloud, Zapier, Square, and more. Bounce House is starting off light with integration to Google Calendar for schedule management, Zoom for video calls, and Stripe for payment. 


Operating Systems: Both tools are available to use on your desktop or mobile web browser.


Best For: If you're a small-medium size business that requires the frills of an expansive website and super customized design, Acuity may be best for you. If you're an individual business owner, especially a business that wants to charge for their time, give Bounce House a try! See what sets Bounce House apart from other tools. 


Easy to Use: Bounce House has been designed smartly and intuitively. Setting up an account with takes less than 15 minutes. Acuity and Squarespace are not for the faint of heart and require in depth time and focus to create a site. 


Ideal Number of Users: For sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, our one person businesses, check out Bounce House today! For small teams in the 20s and 30s, Squarespace Scheduler/Acuity may be a better tool for you. 




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