Bounce House vs. Calendly: What's Right for My Business?

Carolyn Canetti
Mar 19, 2021 5:59:00 PM

As you look for the best tools out there for scheduling, you will certainly come across the usuals: Calendly, Acuity, Doodle, and more. Calendly, which has risen to popularity because of its ease of use, value for money, and no fuss dashboard, it is used amongst individuals as well as teams to easily book exploratory and consultation calls. While Calendly has a large amount of features, its bread and butter is integrating with Google Calendars to help with easy scheduling of phone or video call between individuals. 


Enter Bounce House, the new scheduling tool in town. Bounce House takes Calendly's Google Calendar point of view and makes it personalized. With a more intuitive set up, less optionality, and way prettier design, Bounce House challenges Calendly by being focused on payments and small business success. 


Let's see how Calendly and Bounce House compare to each other: 



Price: Comparable in price, Calendly does offer a free tier with limitations, whereas all Bounce House plans include the same functionality to a degree. Calendly has a free tier, $8, $12, and a custom monthly price for enterprise needs. Bounce House starts with a 30 day free trial, with the Basic plan starting at $9.99/month. See the full pricing breakdown. Bounce House also offers a referral program for businesses to get a free $10 credit with every additional business that signs up. 


Accepting Payments: Both Calendly and Bounce House accept payments, but you'll have to dig deep to figure that one out in Calendly. An option only available to the $12/month plan, for businesses who charge for their time, Calendly is not a great tool for your needs. Bounce House was built with service businesses in mind, so that you can charge for 1:1 sessions, recurring 1:1 sessions, group classes, as well as 1-off charges, like invoicing. Learn about payments.


1-Off Charges: While Calendly falls quite strictly into the scheduling tool arena, Bounce House is a more encompassing tool for all off a small businesses' needs. Send payment requests or charges to customers as needed via Bounce House.


Recurring 1:1 Events: A highly sought after feature request for Calendly, Bounce House includes the ability for people to book ongoing, recurring meetings between businesses and customers. 


Group Classes: While Calendly does allow for multiple people to book one event time, it's not built for group classes specifically. For a business who requires a group class structure without limitations, Bounce House has you covered! Set the price, location, duration, any virtual link, as well as description and images to entice customers to attend a class. Customers will be charged automatically upon bookings, and Bounce House will send automated reminders, receipts and updates to customers. 


Calendar: The beauty of Calendly is that it integrates so nicely with your existing calendar tool (Google, Outlook, Apple). But, Calendly offers no calendar view of their own. On one hand, this may be useful for you, for some, it may not. Bounce House has an entire calendar view so that businesses can invite customers directly to recurring events, with payments automated, as well as manage a daily work schedule and adjust available hours as needed. Learn about calendar.


Customer Management: Bounce House has a section for your customers list so you can access contact information at any time. Schedule new events or request a payment from a customer directly through Bounce House. Calendly does not offer any sort of customer relationship management outside of reminder emails.  


Automated Mailers to Attendees: Both Calendly and Bounce House offer easy ways to send out automated confirmation and reminder emails leading up to a booked event. Calendly has the ability to write out the personalized message that goes out, whereas Bounce House does it automatically - sending attendees of upcoming events confirmation, reminders and receipts without needing to do a thing. View automated mailers that go out before and after a booked event. 


Support: Customers of Calendly can get help through Email, Chat and Help Center. Customers of Bounce House can get help through Video Call, Email, Chat, and Help Center.


1:1 Training: Bounce House offers 1:1 video calls to onboard their customers. Calendly relies on self guided help. Schedule a set up call today!


Integrations: Both Calendly and Bounce House are rich in integrations. Calendly has a lot of options: Google, Zoom, Salesforce, Microsoft, Hubspot, Zapier, Intercom, and more. Bounce House is starting off light with integration to Google Calendar for schedule management, Zoom for video calls, and Stripe for payment. 


Operating Systems: Use Calendly on your web browser or through their iOS and Android app. Bounce House is available on your web browser (mobile and desktop). 


Best For: If you're a team that requires an easy way to manage exploratory calls and multiple people's schedules, Calendly is the tool for you. If you're an individual business owner, especially a business that wants to charge for their time, give Bounce House a try! See what sets Bounce House apart from other tools. 


Easy to Use: Calendly and Bounce House have been designed smartly and intuitively. Setting up an account with either tool would take less than 15 minutes. 


Ideal Number of Users: For sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, our one person businesses, check out Bounce House today! For small teams 6 and up, Calendly may be more useful for you as a scheduling tool. 




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