How Does Bounce House Compare to Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress?

Carolyn Canetti
Jul 6, 2020 2:37:42 PM

Bounce House is a small team of designers, engineers, and marketers who have been building software for more than a decade. Through our own experience with overwhelming, too expensive or cumbersome tools to do simple things like set up a quick website - Bounce House was born.

The list of alternative tools to use besides us is robust. From major players like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, and GoDaddy, to smaller niche tools Strikingly, My Personal Trainer Website, UENI...the options are endless once you Google it! 

Here's how Bounce House differs:  

  1. Build a site fast: Bounce House was built to be easy. Set a website live in minutes with a custom domain name. Minutes, that's actually how long.

    Website - mobile@2x

  2. Limited optionality: For any small business that has felt deterred by the overwhelming optionality of the larger tools in the space like Squarespace, Bounce House was designed with this in mind. We've built hundreds of websites collectively - so we took the common denominator - giving you a website builder that can't look bad. You're not a web designer, you're not a social media guru, you're a business owner who needs to get work done. 

  3. Simple analytics: No performance charts and graphs, just easy Activity stats about the visitors that come to your website.

  4. Activity - feature 1@2x-1

  5. Baked in design resources: Not everyone has the means to design their own logo, take professional photography or make unique iconography. We've seeded Bounce House with access to free design resources such as Unsplash (beautiful stock photography), Icons8 (for icons), direct access to YouTube videos, and GIPHY gifs.

    Website - feature 3
  6. Service focused: Many site tools are trying to appeal to all types of people and businesses. We want to shine light on our sole proprietors and service based professional, where you and your time is the service. 

    Contact request goals: Our service based customers: personal trainers, consultants, freelancers, designers, yoga instructors, tutors, small shops, and more rely on creating interest and having a conversation. Our sites are structured to encourage audiences to Contact You for more information.

  7. Feedback first: What you see today on Bounce House will continue to evolve for the better tomorrow and into the future. We only intend to keep improving and expanding our offering to truly become an all-in-one tool. The best way for us to do that is by listening to our users. 

  8. Low costs: Some tools out there can sound affordable at first, but then have secret add-ons. Some tools are just straight up expensive. There has to be middle ground with cost, especially for new businesses trying to keep costs low. We keep costs from free forever to low. Users upgrade at a certain point based on their needs.

  9. Actual business help: We don't just want people to build a site quickly, we also want to provide resources for everything related to small business. We keep a robust blog, help center, customer service, and send weekly to-do lists to easily lay out things to try around customer engagement, social media strategy, branding exercises and more. 
  11. Small business mindset: We are also a small business. We've struggled with everything related to starting - from keeping up on branding, finding the time to write or add that next page to our website. Being a business owner is overwhelming, but we realized that the best content is sharing what you know. Your knowledge is your marketing. 

    Here's how Bounce House compares:  


comparison chart.001

There will be businesses and individuals who won't find use in Bounce House, and we know that. But if you're looking for a tool that helps you take a step forwards towards making your small business real, while not dwelling too much on fancy customizations or lamenting over hundreds of templates, we are here for you. 


We support a website, custom domain, video hosting, mild branding stylization, a light blog, hooking out to third party payments, and a free plan that you can be on forever. The bigger players in the game are complex and confusing, can go from cheap to expensive very quickly, and don't have your small business goals and interests in mind. 


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We support first party payments, geared towards individual product or service checkout and invoicing or requesting payment of services from customers. For anyone who needs an e-commerce store that includes fulfillment and shipping, try a tool like Squarespace, Wix, Strikingly or WordPress. Or, you can use a marketplace like Etsy for your fulfillment and use any site builder as a landing page. 

For a brand with extreme design customization needs, definitely lean towards WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify. With custom needs comes developer knowledge, make sure you know what you might want before you get in too deep without the right resource. 


We offer a free forever plan, and a More Legit plan for $19/month. For businesses who use our first party payment, each transaction includes a 5% and $0.50 service fee in partnership with Stripe. It's transparent. Acquaint yourself with the other options, costs and features, see: Shopify Pricing, Squarespace Pricing, Wordpress Pricing, Wix Pricing, Strikingly Pricing, and UENI Pricing.


Convinced? Learn more, or get started today with Bounce House - jump in!

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