Apply for Bounce House Small Business Sponsorship

Carolyn Canetti
Jan 5, 2021 3:02:34 PM

We closed out 2020 with a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to sponsor 1,000 small businesses to use Bounce House for free! This sponsorship is for businesses who have been affected by Covid-19 or simply need a boost to get their ideas off the ground. 


If you are or know someone who needs an easy way for customers to book + pay for their services (ie: health classes, wellness practice, tutoring, continuing education, coaching, nutrition counseling, wedding photography, etc), please fill out the form below or ⁠share this application with an individual who wants to move their business online! 



  2. Create a simple web page for your service, with bookings and payments built right in. Start selling 1:1 sessions and classes online with Bounce House

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