How Bounce House Differs From Other Scheduling and Payment Tools

Carolyn Canetti
Apr 5, 2021 8:33:00 AM

Whether you have chosen to move your group classes and 1:1 online due to the pandemic, or you're moving locations and want to offer services to customers in a different location, or you simply want to expand your offerings to be both in person and virtual - here's what makes us, Bounce House, stand out amongst the other scheduling and payment tools out there. 

We know that the list of alternative tools to use besides us is robust...


From major players like Square, PayPal, Calendly, Acuity, Vagaro, MindBody, and even free tools like Venmo, Instagram and Google Calendar - why should you choose Bounce House?


Here's what sets us apart:  


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  1. Payments-first: Bounce House is a tool for selling. If you're with us, then you're setting up pages that sell your services, and that is our and your priority. Businesses that work with us don't have to worry about tracking down customers for late payments - customers are charged upfront for group classes, and check out with a credit card but are charged after an 1:1 session. Everything is automated! Oh, and creating your page takes 1 minute. Shopify who?
  3. Focus on individuals not teams: Many site, scheduling and payment tools try to appeal to all types of people and businesses, where prices are laid out for big teams or multiple users. We want to shine light on our sole proprietors and service based professional, where you and your time is the service. Bounce House was created for you, an individual business owner who needs something easy to use but powerful and smart.


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  1. Superior UX: We've heard from a lot of business owners who have tried every big name brand available - and they have all been too much. Too intimidating, too cumbersome, too confusing, too expensive. We couldn't agree more! We set out to combine payments and scheduling to work effortlessly for each business owner. Setting up an account to begin selling and booking shouldn't take more than 15 minutes all in. Learn how to get started.
  3. Feedback first: What you see today on Bounce House will continue to evolve for the better tomorrow and into the future. We only intend to keep improving and expanding our offering to truly be an all-in-one tool. The best way for us to do that is by providing us with feedback. We mean it! 


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  2. Low costs: Some tools out there can sound affordable at first, but then have secret add-ons. Some tools are just straight up expensive. There has to be middle ground with cost, especially for new businesses trying to keep costs low. We keep costs low and only increase charges based on your business needs, transparently. See our pricing
  4. Small business mindset: And finally, we are also a small business. We've struggled with all the same things you're working on today. Heck, we're doing it right now! We know how challenging it is to keep up with customers, to reschedule and manage upcoming events, we don't want to track people down for late payments either. Learn about our automated mailers that go out to customers before and after appointments. 
  6. Real people are behind this business, and we're excited to provide a no-frills, robust and straightforward software for you.  


Are you convinced?! Sell your classes and sessions online with Bounce House Create a web page for your service type for easy booking and payments. 


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