Easy-to-use features made for people who are not techy

There are five sections in Bounce House. Each will help you manage and grow your business.

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Create a simple web page for your service with bookings and payments built right in. Whenever you change your availability, it updates for your customers instantly.
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When a customer books a 1:1 session or group class, their credit card will be charged automatically, and they will be sent a receipt. Your billing department now runs itself.
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Set your schedule and get all the info you need, like links for virtual events, customers, and payments. Customers automatically get sent confirmations, reminders, and links.
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Your contact page has a simple form that prospective customers can fill out to inquire about your service. After you reply, you can keep track of each customer's messages history.
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Every customer is stored in Bounce House with all their info like their calendar, messages, and payments histories. You can even create one-time charges or payment requests.
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