Every feature is created with these values in mind.

Less, not more

not more

Just the features you need.
Defaults, not options

not options

Less choices, less stress.
Simple, not complicated

not complicated

Friendly and easy to learn.
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When you choose a template, we will pre-populate your site with relevant content that starts you at 75% done instead of 0%. From there, it’s easy to customize your design and branding.
Add products or packages to your website for purchase, powered by Stripe for a quick and secure checkout. And you can track of all your payment activity in one place.
Send custom payment requests to individual customers for specific amounts. They’ll receive an email with a secure checkout link and can pay by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
Every time someone contacts you on your website, they are added to your contacts. You can see a history of each contact’s messages and payments, and of course… contact them!
You will be notified every time someone visits your site, fills out a contact request form, pays you, or when anything else important happens. It’s like an Instagram feed for your business.
If you want to impress your nerd friends, tell them you totally know what all of these are.
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