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Get Real Customers.

Reach new audiences and expand your customer base far beyond family and friends.
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Attract New Audiences

Consistent social media posts and website updates to attract new audiences to your contact forms.


Keep Organized

Get 1, 10, 20 new contact requests. We’ll help you find ways to talk to them and build new customer relationships.


One Destination

Your website is your home base on the internet. All of your social efforts and outreach will lead customers back to Contacts.

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When will your business be legit? When total strangers start reaching out.

  • Continuously attract new contacts that you can become your customers 
  • Learn how to articulate your value
  • Keep people interested and engaged
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“When people started referring me to their friends and beyond, I realized it was time to make this more than a summer gig" - Nathan, Personal Trainer




Never stop getting contact requests.

Attract New Contacts.

Everything you do with Bounce House is designed for one purpose: to get you more customers. Your social media activity and outreach efforts will funnel your new audience through your website and into your Contacts. That's where you'll see marketing turn into new business.
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Get Awesome at making your Contacts into Customers.

Effectively communicating the value of your offering is the secret sauce in the Businessburger. We've studied your industry and help you articulate what makes you different and great at what you do, so you can earn more customers.

  • Follow weekly tips and exercises
  • Explain your business in-person and online
  • Get comfortable with self-promotion
Get Customers

Engage new customers. Keep existing ones.

Bounce House Contacts makes it easy to keep your current customers happy and your future customers interested. If you know how to use email, you'll be a pro at managing your contacts with Bounce House.

  • Reap the benefits of your hard work
  • Respond to contact requests
  • Keep your new audiences engaged
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