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Social Media Magic.

Don't know how to make social media work for your business? No worries, we made it a no-brainer. Already good at social? Get ready to be great, with half the effort.
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Post Suggestions

Not sure what to post? We send weekly ideas based on best practices in your industry.


Set it, Forget it

With Bounce House, you can schedule daily posts in advance to all your social channels.


Free Images

Don't have content? Free access to our huge library of ready-to-use images and graphics.

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Grow your audience and attract new customers on social media.

  • Post to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook all at once
  • Schedule days (or years) in advance
  • Activate new, interested audiences
  • Drive new people to your site and increase your customers
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“My friends think I hired a professional social media agency. I'm really only spending a half hour a week on it." - Amy, Nutritionist

The entire world is waiting for you.

Not sure what to post? We'll point you in the right direction.

Every week, you'll receive a custom set of post ideas that are perfect for your business. We'll give you writing prompts, guidelines on best practices, and templates to start from. Never stare at a blank post or wonder what should I say again. 
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Daily posts made simple.

Great social media is a daily habit, but you don't have the time to post everyday to every platform. With our scheduling tool, you can set up all your posts in advance and create a professional social presence in a fraction of the time. You'll be a frequent poster and engage more potential customers.

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Be excellent on every social platform.

With Bounce House, you'll be a pro on all of your social platforms, each of which will help you engage different types of customers in different ways.

  • Enhance brand discovery on Facebook
  • Generate leads and professional connection on LinkedIn
  • Share news on Twitter
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