The easiest way to build a fitness business

(…in a pandemic)

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You offer a service where you are paid by the hour or by project.
You are a 1 person business - just you, doing everything.
You need a simple, professional website, but you are not very “techy”.
You need an easy way to manage customers on the computer and on your phone.
You need a secure way to charge your customers and to keep track of payments.

Build your business in 3 easy steps.

The world is different now– everything and everyone needs to be online, including you.

Everybody says they have an easy way to make a website. But when we say the easiest, we actually mean it.

You will get notified whenever someone messages you on your website. Reply and voila! A new customer is born!

One click to send a payment request link with a secure checkout. You can also sell products and packages on your website.

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Yoga with Bri

“Very easy to use!

I am not a tech savvy person, so when I use tech, it needs to be as easy as it says it is.”

- Briana Gunter, Yoga with Bri
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Today is the day.

Build your website,
for free, right now.