Can I use Bounce House on my phone?

Yes and no.

When you sign into Bounce House on your phone, you'll have access to view all your activity and customer contact information:

Payment Activity: 

View payments that have been fulfilled or refunded.

Contact Activity: 

View your customer contacts. Click into a contact to access their phone number or email address.

Message Activity: 

View any new customer messages.

Website Activity: 

View your account and website activity. Who's been visiting your site?

Edit Website: 

View your website pages, but in order to make edits and publish, please log in on your computer.


Right now, Bounce House was built to be a fully functional tool on your desktop. For building and editing a website, it's easier to do that from a computer. But of course,  we're now inherently used to doing everything from our phones! The ability to edit your site on your phone is coming.

In time we will enhance the capabilities that you can do from your phone.