Where does the contact form lead to on my site?

Every Bounce House user will have an auto generated Contact page connected to their site.

When you create a Bounce House account and complete setting up your first service, you will automatically have a live website. This site will include your service page, and auto generate a Contact page that will be in your top navigation. 

See example Contact page: https://bginteriors.bounce.house/contact



This Contact page includes a Contact Form, and your business's contact information: Name, Business Address, Email, and Phone Number.

To edit, or adjust which are displayed or shown on your Contact page, go to Settings - Info

So, where does this beautiful Contact Form end up? 

When a new (or existing) customer fills out the contact form, you can find these messages in, Customers - Messages



When you click on the message, it will pop open a card, that way you can see an entire message if it's truncated from view. Here, you will see the name and contact information for this person.



Additionally, anyone who fills out the Contact Form, or books a session or class with you, will be listed in your Customers Contact List.



You can click on any of these Customers to open up their contact information, and see any history of messages, scheduled events, or payments.