I don't have any good photos for my services or social pages, what should I do?

Not every business is a natural environment to take photos, or can have photos taken. Here are some options for you.

Content, content, content, we hear it all the time - share content, create content. But, what if you don't have content? We're not all skilled photographers, some of us don't have good cameras, and not every business is a good environment for photography to take place. For instance, therapists.... ya don't take photos during a session. Or, accountants... no offense but what imagery can you really share on a regular basis?

Do not fear! 

There are many companies that offer stellar photo catalogs for you to use for your business, and free too! And no, we're not talking cringe-worthy stock photos, we're talking beautiful-cannot-believe-its-real stock photography. 

  • Unsplash: Search for high-resolution images that are submitted by users
  • Pixabay: Browse and download high-quality images
  • Adobe Stock: Find the perfect asset for your next creative project
  • Pexels: Great stock photos shared by talented creators

When you're searching for imagery to use with your service pages, or on your social media, take some creative liberties!

The photos you use on social media don't have to be only what you do, but represent who you work with, where you work, how you work, things that inspire you, and visual representations of what your customers aspire to.