How do I get existing customers to switch to scheduling with Bounce House?

When customers already have one way of setting up appointments with you, how do you get them to switch?

When you're starting out on the adventure that is being a business owner, you might find yourself doing whatever you possibly can to cater to your customers. Be it working from home at crazy hours, commuting all around town, rescheduling appointments last minute - it's lot of stress and work to be available to your first customers. 

And, it's not without good reason. The perceived chaos of starting a business fuels this notion that it needs to be hard and you need to work all day every day to get things rolling. Getting a new business off the ground and securing your first few customers is a challenge, no doubt.

That's where Bounce House comes into play! We want to alleviate your workload. By utilizing our easy infrastructure around scheduling, payment and customer communication, you can save your time, your customers time, and look professional in the process.

If you want to transition customers onto an online scheduler, here's how to do it – 

Add your scheduling page everywhere:

The first thing to do is set the precedent with new customers that you start working with. They'll only know to book and edit appointments online. Add your service pages that include your availability and option to schedule onto your social media profiles, in your, email signature, business cards, etc.

This should be the only way that new people can book time with you.

Let existing customers know what's new:

As for existing customers who are used to texting and emailing back and forth about availability, it's time to tell them there's a new system!

Start by sending a large email to all customers with the update, as well as clear steps on how to get acquainted with the new process.

You can also chip away at changing your customer's behavior as appointments come... just start using the Bounce House calendar, adding them to their next meeting via Bounce House, and encouraging them to make any changes directly through Bounce House without needing to compare schedules, they will see the benefit and get into a habit for future appointments.

Be clear about why:

Don't be shy to explain to your customers why you're making them switch to an online scheduler. It's easier to keep track of, it's a quicker way for both you and them to set up and change appointments and compare availability, and it saves everyone time.

From automated reminders to instant payments and easy checkout, the logistical benefit is something that you and your customers can appreciate. 


Want to see what auto mailers go out to customers around booked appointments, edits to existing bookings, and payment receipts? Acquaint yourself with our auto-mailers!