Do I need a logo for my business?

You do not need a logo for your business! But if you want one, here are some amazing free tools to help create one.

As a small business, you may be thinking that without a logo, you're not going to be seem as professional or legitimate. 

Have no fear! You don't need a fancy logo to do amazing work and have a successful business. Logos are great, but they're not make or break. Often, you can get away with your Business Name in a specific font, and we promise no one will mind. 

Creating a logo can be super fun, and it doesn't have to be expensive, in fact - in can be free!

There are a lot of great resources out there for free iconography, free, decorative fonts, and even a color palette creator.

Here's the best of the best free logo creators, icon and coloring tools: 

  • Canva: Offers free logo design templates and images
  • Logo Makr: Create a simple logo with icons and text
  • Graphic Springs: Enter your company name, select your industry and generate a logo
  • Coolors: Automatically generates a variety of color palettes that complement each other
  • Color Hunt: Offers unique four-color combinations
  • Adobe Color CC: Extract colors from images you like or generate color schemes
  • Icons8: Download icons for free, with folders to keep a uniform style for all
  • The Noun Project: Extensively search through icons to represent any word you can think of. 
  • DaFont: Find fun, free fonts to download.

When and if you design a logo that you love, be sure to upload the PNG version of it into Settings - Branding (if you are on the Legit or FTW plan), and it will be added to your site + auto mailers.