How do I reply to a message through my Gmail?

When you click reply, set your Google Chrome settings to automatically open your email.

Where Does Reply Open?

When you get a new message through your Contact page.  These messages will be available in Customers - Messages




To respond via email, click the Email icon on the right to start a conversation via Email. Your browser will automatically open a mail client. Most often that's a Mail App, Outlook or Gmail. 



If you'd prefer to set your default email client to Gmail, here's how: 

1. Open Chrome "Settings"

Before you can set Gmail as your default email client, Gmail needs to ask your permission. To do so, open your Chrome browser and click the three-dots on the right of your URL bar.

Click "Settings" at the bottom.

2. Click "Privacy and security."

In the Settings tab, click "Privacy and security" on the left hand navigation.

3. Click "Site Settings"

In "Privacy and security" click "Site Settings."

4. Click "Additional permissions"

In "Site Settings" click, "Additional permissions."

5. Click "Handlers"

In "Site Settings", click "Handlers."

6. Switch on Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended)

This may already include other defaults, such as calendar, or it may be blank altogether.

7. Go to Your Gmail Account 

Go to the Gmail account that you would like to default email links to. Click on the double diamond icon in the right side of the URL bar (next to the star). 

8. Click "Site Settings"

Choose "Allow" to open all email links.

9. Your Gmail Handlers Settings:

Check back into settings to see that Handlers now includes

Now not only will you be able to communicate your Customers directly through Gmail, but for all other instances of clicking on an email address will officially open your Gmail account instead of another application. 


Note: If you're still having trouble (for example, your "Protocol handlers" window appears blank with no options), try installing Google's Mailto Extension for Chrome instead.