How do I respond to a message?

Respond to new customer inquiries in Customers - Messages.

When a customer fills out a Contact Form on your website, that message will be available to read and respond to in Customers - Messages.

If you click on a message, it will pop open a card with the note, as well as options on how to communicate with the individual. 


Customer communication: 

Choose between text, call, and email on the right side.

  • Text: If a customer opts into phone communication, and your device allows it, you can send your customer a text message. This may require authorizing first in your browser.
  • Call: If a customer includes their phone number, and your device allows it, you can call a customer directly. This may also require an authorization through your browser.

  • Email: If you click Email, you will be able to email a customer directly through your Default Email Setting (Learn how to make Gmail your default).