How is Bounce House different from other website tools?

There are a lot of other software tools out there for building websites, e-commerce and more... so why us?

We know that the list of alternative tools to use besides us is robust. From major players like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy, to smaller niche tools like Strikingly, My Personal  Trainer, Website, UENI...the options are endless once you Google it! 

Here's how Bounce House differs:  

  1. Ease of use: Bounce House was built to be easy. Set a website live in minutes. Write one social post and send it to 4 social media platforms with one click. No performance charts and graphs, just easy Activity stats. 
  2. Limited optionality: For any small business that has felt deterred by the overwhelming optionality of the larger tools in the space, Bounce House was built with this in mind. We've built hundreds of websites collectively - so we took the common denominator  - to  provide a website builder that can't look bad. You're not a web designer, you're not a social media guru, you're a business owner who needs to get sh*t done. 
  3. Service based: Many site tools are trying to appeal to all types of people and businesses. We want to shine light on our sole proprietors and service based professional, where you and your time is the service. 
  4. Feedback first: What you see today on Bounce House will continue to evolve (and get better) tomorrow and into the future. We only intend to keep improving and expanding our offering to truly be an all-in-one tool. The best way for  us to do that is by providing us with feedback. We mean it! 
  5. Low costs: Some tools out there can sound affordable at first, but then have secret add-ons. Some tools are just straight up expensive. There has to be middle ground with cost, especially for new businesses trying to keep costs low. We keep costs low and only increase charges at a certain point based on your needs. 
  6. Small business mindset: And finally, we are also a small business. We've struggled with being consistent on social media, finding the time to write or add that next page to our website. Marketing can be overwhelming, but we realized that the best marketing is sharing what you know. Your knowledge is your marketing. 

Interested to learn more?

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