How to navigate Customers

Manage existing customers and new customer inquiries.

When a customer books a group class or 1:1 session with you, their information will be listed under Customers. Additionally, anyone who fills out the Contact Form on your Contact Page will also be added to this list. 


If you click on a Contact name, it will pop open a card, which displays any history of messages, scheduled events, payments received and customer's contact information, based on the information they've provided: 



Toggle between the Activity Icon (left) and Contact Info Icon (right) to see history or contact info:



You can then do a few things from here:



  • Text: If a customer opts into phone communication, and your device allows it, you can send your customer a text message. This may require authorizing first in your browser.
  • Call: If a customer includes their phone number, and your device allows it, you can call a customer directly. This may also require an authorization through your browser.

  • Email: If you click Email, you will be able to email a customer directly through your Default Email Setting (Learn how to make Gmail your default).
  • Charge: If a customer has provided their credit card information, you can send a Payment Request to a customer for a previous session or class they haven't paid for (like Invoicing). 

  • Schedule: You can schedule a 1:1 session with this customer directly from here, or of course, you can do that in Calendar