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Getting Started with Bounce House

Start selling 1:1 sessions and group classes online through simple web pages with payments and booking built right in.

Hello and welcome to Bounce House!

Bounce House is for you if you offer a service with 1:1 sessions or group classes. Individuals trying to juggle everything about being a business, we are here to ease your load. 

Through Bounce House, customers will be able to book time with you and pay online with all major credit cards. We automate payments and refunds, and send confirmation emails, reminders and receipts to your customers.

All you have to do is check in on your daily schedule and update as needed! 

If that sounds like something that could really help your business... please give us a go! Start with a free 30 day trial, test out the waters, and then decide how you feel (hopefully good). 

Let's get started! First - sign up for an account, or log in to your newly created account.  

Begin selling 1:1 sessions and/or group classes

Everything about Bounce House begins with ServicesThis is where you will set up the 1:1 sessions and/or group classes that you offer. For instance, if you are an interior designer, and you offer 1:1 consultations, and monthly group classes to introduce beginners to design, you would set those up first. You can edit these at any time as information & availability changes.

You'll begin by listing out these offerings in order to create simple web pages. Include a description of your offering, location, price, duration, and typical availability or schedule. This is essentially, where the magic happens - bookings & payments. 


    Set yourself up to receive payments

    After your Services are set, you will need to connect your bank account via Settings in order for customers pay (and of course, for you to receive those payments).

    When customers check out on your site page, they will put in their credit card. 1:1 sessions will be automatically charged after the event occurs, and group classes will be charged immediately.

    Upon adding services, you will set a refund policy. Cancelations within the refund policy will automatically refund customers. Outside of the window, you can manually refund case by case.

    Additionally, you can request payments from customers as you build relationships with them, this may become more normal (like invoicing or Venmo). 

    We partner with Stripe, a secure and protected payment processor. Once your bank account is connected via Stripe, your funds will be deposited to your bank at the end of each business day.


    Making your day to day easier

    Once you have your Services set up and your Stripe account connected and ready to get paid, take a moment to understand your Bounce House Calendar.

    This calendar should be like your daily work schedule - take a peak at what's coming up, with who, and where you need to travel.

    Additionally, the available time slots listed in purple, are all connected to your Services and the availability you set initially. But we understand that nothing is as clean as that, so please make updates to your day to day as needed. 



    As you get acquainted with Bounce House, tune into our emails and blog for product updates, and check out Best Business Practices for helpful guides, answers and information around business operations, selling your services, customer communication, marketing, content and advertising strategy and more. Questions or feedback? Reach out to hello@bounce.house