How do I promote my business on social media?

Social media is an awesome tool for discovery and engaging with an audience of interested and existing customers.

Social media is a useful tool for new businesses. However, there can be a lot of pressure around numbers. It may feel discouraging when the effort you put in isn't reflected by followers and likes.

Do not despair!

Finding success on social media comes in many different forms - and it doesn't matter if you have 100 or 1,000 followers. It's about what you're sharing and if that resonates with people. Consider your social profiles as a way to showcase your expertise, display your personality, and engage with customers and pique the interest of a wider audience.

Here's how to get started:

Create your social media accounts. A very simple step one — set yourself up. If you plan to use your personal account for communication as your business, make any necessary edits to your profile or past posts to showcase yourself professionally.

If you’re starting from scratch, create your logo (some easy logo tools: CanvaFree Logo DesignLogo Makr, Logo Crisp), or choose a font you like and take a screenshot of your business name typed out. Upload your logo as a profile photo, and add in your information — your service page for booking, concise explanation of the service you provide and the methodology or mission you bring to your work.

Read up on industry news. The next thing to do is get in the habit of knowing what’s going on in your industry. Is your industry affected by new laws and policies, governing body regulations, scientific studies, and national consensuses? How does the news affect you, your business, or your customers? By getting in this habit, you can leverage this knowledge alongside your personal experience and bring really thoughtful ideas to future conversations. 

Follow people in your field. Pay attention to other business owners and industry leaders. What are they talking about? How are they talking about it? What types of posts are they sharing that get the most engagement and commentary? Take notes on what you think they do well or don’t do well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)

Join organizations or groups of your peers. Similarly, follow or any group or organization that makes sense for your business. Are there governing bodies or associations, journals or periodicals that you can become a member of or subscribe to? If you can engage with these accounts, they will have a lot of followers who may take note of your profile and follow you. 

Read customers conversations about pain points and needs. What are you solving for your customers? In order to speak to them in a way that resonates and shows that you understand their needs — join or read comments and articles about your industry. Being able to regurgitate what your customers need back to them is a key component to quality service.

Start with these posts. Once you’ve done this initial set up and research, start lightly sharing. The key to posting on social media is getting into a good habit. Posting should not feel like pulling teeth, you should only post what you know and feel confident about. 

  • Post about what's upcoming on your schedule. An easy one to do regularly - announce and update to your audience any upcoming classes or sessions on your schedule.
  • Share interesting news with your respectful opinion. A post like this opens the door to a conversation with people in your industry and potential customers. This shows that you’re thinking about the industry at large.
  • Give a piece of helpful information based on what you see to be your customer’s biggest pain points and needs. By sharing your expertise, you show off your knowledge and skill. 
  • Don't forget to introduce yourself. Periodically share your story, and introduce yourself to new followers. Personality posts help interested customers see a side of who you are.

Enter conversations. A big part of social media that can get overlooked is engaging! You might think that it's all about posting, but participating in or starting conversations, commenting on posts and stories is a must! You may be surprised at first at how many people engage with you, but that's an integral part of being on social media. 


Don’t think too hard about it! Some of these things will just come natural. And whatever feels good, lean into it. You can always start with one things and come back to the rest later.