What do I do if a customer complains?

People have bad days, and sometimes, they take it out on you. Nothing a little communication and empathy can't fix!

Okay, so when you're starting your business, it feels really good to get good feedback and positivity from customers. This can boost your confidence, help you get new customers, and really validate the work you do. 

However, when you get negative feedback, a complaining customer, a frustrated individual, or you truly made a mistake (like miss an appointment or charge someone twice), while it can definitely sting... these moments are excellent learning experiences. Receiving criticism will allow you to set expectations better in the future, and communicate better with customers on going to ensure you don't have the same problem with a different customer. 

When you deal with an unhappy customers - of course there are all flavors of customer....

  • The really rude, awful, mean customer: When you encounter a person like this who overreacts, or demands reparations for something, you have to be strong enough to cut ties with a customer. You are your own business and you get to choose who you work with, toxicity will make your life miserable.
  • Criticism or generally negative feedback: When constructive feedback is offered to you, we aren't going to lie, it will still sting in new ways, but it's really valuable to take that information to heart. It will help you in the long run how to better set expectations, and these can often be reparable. If you work with a customer who wants something to change, and you make that change, you are showcasing how important they are to you. You may turn a luke warm customer into one of your most loyal. 
  • You made a mistake. And then sometimes we just make mistakes. We've all been there! Perhaps you were super late to an appointment or missed it all together, or there was a mistake with the price of a session. Whatever the reason, we'd say just go at it with honesty and ask for forgiveness. You're a human, they're a human, we're a human, and we all have those days. Better to face those things head on.