What is Bounce House?

We built Bounce House for people like you! Small business owners who need low key marketing tools to see big results.

Our Story: 
Bounce House is a small team of product designers, engineers, and marketers who have been building software for more than a decade. Through our own experience with overwhelming software, too expensive or cumbersome tools to do simple things like set up quick websites, or never being able to post to social media regularly ourselves - the idea for Bounce House was born!

As a small business ourselves, plus our own network of small businesses, we took a year to research and talk to hundreds of people on why they don't do marketing, what they wish they could do more of (and why don't they). We then took our designs and hypothesis to further test our product and figure out how to make marketing and setting up a business online - easy. 

Our Mission: 
What we want to provide is an easy, all-in-one tool that allows you, as a one-person business, to get an online presence quickly. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, is is no longer an option to not be online.

We don't believe it's a good use of your time to lament over website design, so we created a tool with limited customization so you can set it up and move on. We also believe in consistent marketing through social media posts and easy customer management.

The more you post, the more people will come to your site. The more people who come to your site, the more interested new customers will request to work with you. Marketing is simple, and we don't think confusing software should get in your way. 

What you can do:
We envision your time with Bounce House as follows:

  • Sign up for Bounce House
  • Set up your website (edit copy and add in your own images) 
  • Begin to market your business more regularly 
  • Check in on your website Activity and new Contacts Requests and see your customer engagement go up over time (which means you get paid more) 
  • You get more business and are happy 
  • And in return, we get more business and are happy 
  • At some point you tell your friends 
  • Everyone is having a good time

As you go, tune into our weekly emails, marketing to-do lists, and robust blog posts to help you get started, not just with your website and social media, but also how to approach branding, small business tasks, and more.